What The Tooot!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Really feel like cursing people now!! Guess what, I payed for RM50 for my medical check up. Just now Yaw MSN me and told me that he payed for RM20 only!! And note that all of us are checking the same thing. Just that he's checking at the Tudan's clinic while I'm checking at the town's one. Hell la!!!

Ok. Some might say Yaw and me go different uni ma. But Min San is also paying for RM20 only. Both is the government's clinic BUT WHY I NEED TO PAY EXTRA RM30 FOR CHECKING THE SAME THING?! RM30 for some people is just a small amount. But for a young lady like me, RM30 ler!!! I can reload RM30 and get extra 30% for FREE la!!! Shish~ !@&#(*!@&(!)@

Besides the money stuffs ah, Yaw they all get to finished their check ups at 10am while me?! I need to wait dang long and finished at almost 1pm!! And note that I still not yet finished checking up. The next day I still needa went back there for dental check up!!! !@*#*!@&#

Lastly, about the report. They went for check up today and will get their medical report on next Monday while I NEED TO WAIT FOR A WEEK TO GET MY MEDICAL REPORT!!! Sien oh!!! Argh!!! I'm going to ask those people about this on the day I get my medical report!!! Shish~ @#$*&!*)#&$(*!@&$*&!^$!^%$*&^!@$^^*(&$!*@(&!(@*#&

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